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This weeks tip is for both your iOS devices and your Macs.  A great way to continue viewing what you are viewing via Safari on your Mac when you leave your house or office is to check the Safari iCloud setting on your Mac, and then turn the Safari iCloud setting on (or green) on your iOS device!  Give it a try! 
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This weeks Mac tip is for those of you that don't like, or who are not good at typing.  It's Dictation!  Dictation became part of the Mac OS with Mountain Lion (10.8). I've found, surprisingly, that very few people know that the capability exists, so I hope with this Tip, it becomes more broadly used.  To turn it on, it's quite simple.  You go to System Preferences, Dictation & Speech, then simply turn Dictation on!  To use the feature, you simply tap the Function key (fn) twice, a microphone pops up on the screen.  You speak into your computer (yes it has a built in mic!), press done when you are finished, and violà, your speech will be turned into text!  It can be used anywhere you type!  Email, documents, spreadsheets and so on and so on...Have fun with it and let me know your thoughts!
This weeks iOS tip is also a feature I've found that many of you are not aware of, it's AirDrop.  AirDrop is a fantastic way to share files across iDevices without incurring ANY data charges.  It's a Peer-Peer networking technology that works using BlueTooth.  When your AirDrop is on, it will locate other capable iDevices, and you can easily share pictures, video, documents to your delight!  Your iDevice needs to be at least an iPhone 5, and at iOS 7 in order for AirDrop to work.